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Paul Mongell

Paul Mongell

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07/11/13 10:56 PM #1    

James Coughlin

I first met Paul in kindergarten, Miss Gill’s class, at Grand Avenue School in South Hempstead (now called Baldwin??).  All kids at that age are scared shitless when they leave mama’s apron strings.   Paul was especially unique as he had some physical disabilities.  But from the get go, it was pretty obvious that Paul was pretty focused on learning things and getting his way when he was determined to.  He could be ornery as a mule when he wanted something and something was in his way.  As little kid’s we watch him and learned at times what a struggle could be.  His parents loved him dearly, and were always felt nearby.

Paul was ever present throughout the six grades at Grand Avenue School.  My Irish Father always taught me to protect the innocent, and a few times I recall I choose to step in and threaten those who were messing with Paul.  We were not close but we knew and respected each others’ quest for normalcy.

Paul was not a quitter, was not lazy, made no excuses, he showed up and played the game as we all tried to do.  I don’t know what became of Paul as an adult, what he ventured into, how he lived his life, or how his health either improved or was that tough club in the bag, I don’t know.  But what I will tell you, and I am sure other Grand Avenue students will tell you as well, if you ask them, Paul was a fighter, a relatively nice kid, who had to break his ass twice as hard as the rest of us to accomplish the same stuff, and he did it, am I sure, swinging and throwing punches all the way until the final bell sounded. 

Rest In Peace My Friend

Jim Coughlin, Treasurer Class of 73

11/26/13 07:27 PM #2    

Meg Finnan (Davis)

Paul Mongell was born on Tuesday, March 9th, 1954 and died on Friday, February 7th, 1992 at the age of 37.

05/23/17 01:04 PM #3    

Frank Disponzio

Paul and I were good friends since kindergarten. The fact that we were targets for the bullies, whose names I won't mention, brought us close. Paul was a good person who didn't deserve the treatment he recieved. I would go and hang out with Paul at his house. I remember his mother always fixing a snack for us. 

I'm glad that I was able to bring some joy and companionship to his life.

Rest in peace my little buddy. You never got a chance to show the world the good you had in your heart.

03/25/20 12:08 PM #4    

James Fazio

Paul and I had become Freinds in High School, we studied together and hung out together in the Lunch Room, always a great friend, always a Good Man in anyone's Book. He will be missed by all of us. 

James Fazio

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