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Richard Masi

Richard Masi

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01/08/15 11:17 AM #10    

Rita DeNicola (Masi)


Thank you Janice. I appreciate your comment. Yes, Rich wore dress shirts alot. He always wanted to look good. Our family has finally begun to heal. Happy New Year to you.





01/09/15 03:27 PM #11    

Janice Manzo (McGilvray)

Happy New Year to you too.   I am married to Gregg McGilvray he too was in the same homeroom, I asked if he remembered Richard and he did too.  Richard gave Gregg the same impression he gave me, a really nice guy who DRESSED up.  You were lucky to have him as long as you did.....

01/10/15 03:33 PM #12    

Laura Villafana (Wright)

Richard was in my English class. He was always so quiet as was I. I remember we had to write about the person who sat behind us. That would be Richard. While I didn't know him that well, I wrote about the seriousness he showed and what a nice person he was. (I must admit, I had a small crush on him :) ). It was sad to hear of his passing but I am so happy in knowing he found someone to love. I will always fondly remember him.


03/23/15 09:32 AM #13    

Rita DeNicola (Masi)


It's 3 years this month. It has been so hard. But because you have contacted us so many time in so many ways, I am at peace to know that you are also at peace and happy. We now know for sure that there is happiness and connection to our fallen family members as we have always beleived and hoped to be true.

I know you are truly with me every day and have helped me to get through some terrible times.

It is hard to see you in this tribute, my heart will never completely heal until we are together once again.

I love you with all my heart.





03/24/15 08:53 PM #14    

Linda McNamara (Kmiotek)

I remember Richard quite well..always so polite. I remember you both. It's so very sad but I believe as Rita does, our loved ones are so very aware of what is goin  on. Continue to watch over your family as they know you do. Be at peace.

07/20/16 12:35 PM #15    

Lawrence Bacher

I am so sad to hear of Ricky's passing. We have a special bond that no one could ever take away from the memory bank.

In Junior High we decided to form a band, problem was it was just the two of us, he was All Guitars, and I was the Drummer. We had let's say a very small catalog of songs, of which we butchered up most of them, but there was one song that we nailed.... Wendy, by The Association! When Hey Jude failed, let's play Wendy, and to this day, whenever I hear or play that song, I think of our Jam Sessions together in his bedroom!


Just joined this sight today, and feel horrible that he is gone, but we had fun. I hope he kept playing guitar.


Miss my Bandmate


03/25/20 12:19 PM #16    

James Fazio

Richard Masi and I had the Same History Teacher, our Class Lesson was on Serbia and the Beginning of WW1. We Often joked about how the War Started and how it was All Serbia's fault for allowing a Earl to be shot in it. He was also one of My Best Buddies in  the Classes that shared. His Passing came sudden to me and it is only now that I can Verbalize about it. I am sorry buddy I didn't tell you sooner how much I missed our Days in History class. And I wish to send his wife and his family my Condolences for losing a Great Man in their Lives. 


James Fazio


03/26/20 09:08 AM #17    

Rita DeNicola (Masi)

To All Our Classmates,  Thank you for your wonderful memories of Rich. He was an awesome friend, husband, father and provider.  We had a very very close knit family and it is still devastating to this day that we lost him. My daughters, friends and I all share the fond memories and especially all the funny moments he gave us. Every day we always were told how much he loved each of us. We were always hugged and kissed. There wasn't day that went by that he didn't make us laugh. We keep him very much alive.  Anyone who wants to post a story or memory about Rich please do. I would love to share your stories with my daughters and my grandchildren.  He was the most thoughtful and caring person I have ever met. Thoughout the time we had our business, Rich would always help any of our employees and friends financially without question. Everyone who met him loved him and most of all respected him. I alsway said they broke the mold when he was born. Love and prayers to all of you. Please be safe. Rita





03/27/20 11:06 AM #18    

Christine Martone (Randazzo)

God Bless you and yours, Rita!  It's the wonderful memories you have of Rich that keep you going - Cherish them forever - stay Healthy and be Happy.

03/27/20 02:52 PM #19    

Stephen Espey

Hi Rita, Hope all is well with you and the family in these trying times.

I hope you don't mind if I add something here.

Not sure if you've ever heard about Rich's Little League baseball days, actually we played in the PBC league in those days ( 12 and 13 year olds) but I will always remember what a great hitter he was. I was never on the same team as him and I will never forget how he struck fear in the hearts of the opposing players when he came to bat... It was like OH NO MASI'S UP everyone back up and play deep. and then Rich woluld clobber one a long, long way. I don't think he ever made an out, not against my team anyway,,LOL

I always liked Richie he was always friendly and a good guy!

Sorry for your loss - I just thought this might be a story the kids haven't heard.



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